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Hello, I'm David Harrison.

As I have alluded to in other spaces, I've been involved in the industry in one way or another since 1978. Of course, there wasn't an industry when I started. Nor were a lot of people who became my friends over the years. We were all making it up as we went. We would have urgent lunches or meetings after work to figure out what we could all do to make our world better. This is mybackground.  

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Association Board Director and privately operated public mass transit General Manager. Successful at increasing profits and membership (individuals and businesses) and implementing effective turnarounds. B2B and B2i sales and support. In addition, I have consistently developed strategies and managed teams that turned failing programs around and maintained multi-cycle contracts across several states.

As an Association Board Director, I have served on various governing boards, including the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) national board and the Georgia State Board of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association. (ALS). In addition, I excel at defining an organization's mission, vision, and purpose while ensuring that these values are internally applied from top to bottom and back up again. I love helping people and firms be their best!

I have also worked with local, municipal, county, state, and federal government agencies and stakeholders to successfully refine laws, policies, and regulations to be consistent with an organization's needs and the communities they serve. These activities have been performed through service on local planning commissions and direct work with various levels of legislative staff, from elected officials to line staff experts, to craft appropriate language.

As a General Manager, I have direct experience procuring contracts and managing them from concept to operating programs in federal, state, local, and private sectors. My achievements have included advocating for, designing, and implementing technical solutions to keep people doing their best: working with others. I have always tried to operate as a Servant Leader.

With experience spanning over 30 years in both Non-Profit and private-profit corporations and government contracting at the Local, State, and National levels, David is also an experienced General Manager and Sales/Marketing Professional. He has actively managed the pipeline from prospecting through bidding and securing profitable contracts with net revenue generation of over $2MM each, including multiple operations in several states. Additionally, he has taken privately operated public mass transit projects from concept and startup through mature processes while building teams to run them.


Most recently, David is a Licensed Life & Health Agent for the State of Kentucky and a Licensed Life, Accident & Health Agent for the State of Indiana.  He is affiliated with the Wilson Agency of Indianapolis, working as an agent for American Income Life, a Division of Globe Life.

David is an avid photographer and graphics artist. His portfolio includes over 30,000 images. Published works have been used in textbooks, non-profit organization marketing materials, newspapers, and trade association publications. In short, a well-rounded ENTJ.

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