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How we got here...

This is a culmination of a long career, changing to a newer model.  A little about David Harrison and why the need to have a Harrison TDM. 
A background of over 30 years in the industry, living the dream from the raw beginnings of what became the internet in late 1978 through telecommuting, about four years of managing a University Parking System, Managing Parking at AT&T South Eastern HQ, to starting a vanpool for AT&T, to managing a system under contract to a County government, to creating other similar operations in other counties and other states, ending in being the first private provider to be granted agency status in the regional planning system in Atlanta. Grow some more. Work with car sharing. Get elected to the Board of the Association for Commuter Transportation. Work with local, state, and federal legislative bodies to effect changes in the law and regulations. In short, I can help! A full bio is HERE.



Redefining the Way 
We Move From Here to THERE.

The very core of TDM is the Management of Transportation.  The mode varies depending on HOW MANY people, things, sentient beings need to travel and where they come from, and where they need to get to. Add in the third component of WHEN and you get to balance the possible alternatives with an optimized balance of how they get there.  Another thing we look at is the destination end.  A business can save a fortune in parking costs as well as travel costs (let's all fly 1000 miles to get to a meeting? ) Other than the experience of going, WHY?

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